New way to apply for school transport for the school year 21/22


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We remind you that you as a guardian with children in compulsory school, with the exception of pupils in special school (särskolan), must apply for school transport via our new e-service. No school cards will be sent out or recharged unless an application has been made.

Applications for the coming academic year must be made 8 mars -26 mars, to be sure that the decision on school transport is ready by the start of the academic year in August.
The e-service will be available via the municipality webpage from (Launch date) and login is possible with e-identification. If you do not have an e-identification, you can get one from your bank.
At the moment, family home-placed pupils and people having temporary social security numbers are referred to the application form. The form is available at:
The municipality customer support: 0225-55000
The municipality webpage

The goal of this change is, among other things, better planned bus traffic and thus less environmental impact as well as reduced costs.
If you have any questions, you can contact the school transport administrator via e-mail:

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