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From Säter Municipality: Information to those with a detached house or holiday home

The residents of Säter Municipality have contributed to the efforts to ensure a sustainable societyin a number of ways. We help each other to safeguard our environment, climate and living environment!

Now we can make it even better in our municipality!
By sorting and disposing of food waste separately, you facilitate a natural cycle. You are part of creating good conditions for your own and future generations. Our environment is valuable and you make a difference.

Be kind to the environment- we have to live in it: sort your waste!

You are used to sorting out glass, metal and much more. Now you finally have the opportunity to also sort food waste separately.
During autumn 2019, food waste will be collected and taken away by a collection vehicle with two compartments. One for food waste and one for residual waste. Residual waste is anything that cannot be sorted and sent for recycling.
All households, organisations and businesses are to sort their food waste instead of mixing it with the residual waste in the normal waste bin.
The food waste is then converted to biogas and organic biofertiliser. We use biogas in our cars and other vehicles, and we use biofertiliser to fertilise
crops. Together we will do great things for the environment.

You do some good with every banana peel Every kilo of food waste makes a difference. One bag of food waste generates enough fuel for a biogas car to drive 4 kilometres.

Food waste containers

Food waste containers will be distributed in stages. First out are those who live in a detached house. Holiday home owners will get their container in spring 2020 when the
summer collection begins. Together with the brown waste container you will be given a starter kit containing a food waste basket that goes in the kitchen, paper bags
and a sorting guide. When you receive your food waste container, it’s time to get sorting!

A sustainable society

Each municipality is responsible for the collection, transport and recycling or disposal of the household waste produced
in the municipality. In a sustainable society, we need to reduce food waste but also take care of the leftovers.
Compulsory food waste collection is important if we are to reach our climate goals. The government requires municipalities to
provide a system for the separate collection of food waste from households by 2021. It is therefore high time that we also get going in our municipality!


16 August 2019: Last day for changing subscription for the food waste container.
Last day for notification of hot compost for both new and old compost owners.

Autumn 2019: The brown food waste containers are being distributed to:
• detached houses/terrace houses
• apartment buildings
• cooperative housing associations
• organisations

1 January 2020: New price list will take effect.

Spring 2020: The brown food waste containers are being distributed to holiday homes.

This is how it works

We start the introduction of food waste during autumn 2019. Until you have received a container, the waste collection works as before.

You get a new container

Before the collection of food waste starts at your house, we will put out a new brown waste container next to your old one. You will also receive a food waste basket that can hold the paper bag. The food waste basket can be placed in a kitchen drawer or cabinet. We will also include a batch of paper bags. The paper bags will then be available free-of-charge at several locations, including at the recycling centre in Jönshyttan. You can always find information on where bags can be found on the municipality’s website.

Soptunna, brun.

Your new container

Your food waste basket and bag

person skalar morötter.

You put the food waste in the paper bag. The food waste basket allows space for air around the whole bag. This keeps the bag fresh for longer.

påse med matavfall

Change bags after 2-3 days OR when it is two thirds full.

påse lägg i brun tunna.

Fold over the bag and discard it in your brown container

At you can find advice about how to avoid odours, the bag freezing to the container in winter, and much more.

One more container

Now you will have two containers situated at the edge of your property. Make sure you make room for them. If you want to change the location of your containers, contact
Renhållningsenheten (Sanitation Unit) by phone or e-mail  before moving the containers so that the new location can be approved.

A simple stand with a depth of half a metre can prevent the waste containers from blowing over or rolling away. There must be free space of a half metre around each container, and the containers are to be placed at ground level. The collectors must be able to easily and without precision collect and put back the containers. In the sketch for the 140-litre food waste container, the measurements are in millimetres.

Where and how should the container be placed?

• Put out your container no later than 06:00 on the collection day or the evening before
• The container must be placed in clear sight on a flat and solid surface and without any obstacles that would
hinder the collectors in their work
• The food waste container is placed beside the residual waste container in the same way, with the opening towards the road
• There must be free space of half a metre around the container and a clear height of 4.5 metres above it
• Park any vehicles so that they do not obstruct the waste collection
• If you only have collection during part of the year, you should store your containers in a sheltered place during the months you are not staying at the property. This is to avoid them being damaged by, for example, a plough or other vehicle if they should blow over.

Label the waste container with your address!

At many locations in Säterbygden it is difficult to see what container belongs to what address. It would save us a lot of time if you help us with this.
Write your address on a sticker (e.g. a jam jar label), labelling tape, a piece of paper or with a marker pen directly on to the container.
Place it on the side, high up towards the lid, so it is somewhat protected against weather and wind. Tape over the whole label so that the rain does not destroy it. It is enough to write the street address.
In conjunction with distributing the food waste containers we will tag the containers digitally to link them to the applicable address. Your label with the street address makes it easier for our staff to do things right.

Choose a subscription

If you do not want to make any changes to your subscription, you do not need to make any active choice. You will get your brown container delivered.
However, if you want to make changes to your subscription, we need to receive your new choice by 16 August 2019 at the latest. Make your changes to your subsription here.
Then you do not need to pay to switch containers. You can of course make changes to your subscription at a later time, but you will have to pay a charge
for switching containers.

The new prices will apply from 1 January 2020. The current sanitation rate applies during 2019.

Food waste and combustible residual waste

The food waste container offered holds 140 litres and is emptied every two weeks. For residual waste, the choice is either to have the container emptied every two weeks or once a
month. The day for collection is the same as you had before.
To cover the costs of fixed expenditure, such as transporting sorted bulky waste to the recycling centre (applies to households), customer service and administration, households will pay a basic fee.
After year-end 2020, households will pay according to the new rate for the residual waste containers and food waste containers
kept by the household. The switching of residual waste containers will be done after all food waste containers in the municipality have been put out.
All price are incl. VAT.

Price list from 1 January 2020

Detached house

Basic fee: SEK 1,063/year.
Food waste collection: SEK 225/year.
The cost of residual waste collection depends on the container size and
how often you want your residual waste container emptied. Here you can compare what it costs.

Every two weeks or monthly

80 litres SEK 306/year SEK 178/year
140 litres SEK 388/year SEK 227/year
190 litres SEK 1101/year SEK 602/year
370 litres SEK 2250/year SEK 1188/year

Example calculation: Food waste collection and a 140-litre container for residual waste collection
with emptying every two weeks.
With the basic fee included, the price is: 1,063 + 225 + 388 = SEK 1,676 per year.

Holiday home, for the period 1 May to 30 September

For other requests concerning time intervals, we refer you to the price list for detached houses.
Basic fee: SEK 744/year.
Food waste collection: SEK 113/year.
The cost of residual waste collection depends on the container size and
how often you want your residual waste container emptied. In the table you can compare what it costs.

Every two weeks or monthly

80 litres SEK 153/year SEK 89/year
140 litres SEK 194/year SEK 114/year
190 litres SEK 550/year SEK 301/year
370 litres SEK 1126/year SEK 594/year

Example calculation: Food waste collection and a 140-litre container for residual waste collection with emptying once a month.
With the basic fee included, the price is: 744 + 113 + 114 = SEK 971 per year.

Share containers with a neighbouring property

Agree on the size and collection interval for the residual waste container. The food waste container can be shared between neighbours but does not entail any price reduction. Visit and print “Anmälan om delat kärl” or call customer service and we will send the form. Fill out the form and send it in. The bill then specifies half the fee for residual waste collection, the fixed sum for the food waste collection, and the basic fee.

Example calculation: The permanent neighbours share a food waste container and a residual waste container.
They choose a 140-litre residual waste container to be emptied every two weeks.
Food waste collection: SEK 225 per year
Residual waste collection: SEK 388 divided by two = SEK 194 per year
Basic fee: SEK 1,063 per year
Total: SEK 1,482 per year and household

(Picture) The basic fee includes the charge for disposing of bulky waste at the recycling centre.

Do you have a compost heap? We appreciate the effort!

We are now offering you the opportunity to contribute even more to the environment. Making biogas and biofertiliser from food waste is even better for the environment than everyone having a compost heap at home. Despite the fact that it is transported some distance, it has a greater positive impact on the environment than composting.
If you still want to continue composting your food waste, you can choose not to receive the container for food waste. This means that the fee for food waste collection is deducted from the total price. Both new and old hot compost owners must have their compost station approved by Samhällsbyggnadsförvaltningen (the Urban Planning and Infrastructure Administration) to get a reduced price.
On the form for making a subscription choice, you can tick the box indicating that you want a notification form. You can also find the form at
For those choosing to compost their food waste at home, the residual waste container comes in a 80, 140 or 190-litre model. Look at the price list for a detached house or holiday home.

Example calculation: You are a permanent resident, you compost at home, and you want a 140-litre container for residual waste with collection every two
weeks. With the basic fee included, the price is: 388 + 1,063 = SEK 1,451 per year

Mini stations

A mini station is when three or more property holders share one or more containers for
waste. The possibility of having a mini station is determined by Samhällsbyggnadsförvaltningen. Contact us if you are
interested in this. The specified total price includes the cost of the basic fee, container rent, transport, food waste fee and collection fee. The fees apply per household.

Every two weeks or monthly
SEK 1,589/year SEK 1,008/year

The complete waste rate can be found at

Food waste

What exactly counts as food waste? Basically you can say that food waste is what is left on the cutting board when you have cooked your food and whatever is left on the plate after you have eaten. It also includes food that is expired and inedible in your fridge or pantry.

Residual waste

Residual waste is the waste leftover after you have sorted packaging, food waste, bulky waste, electrical waste
and hazardous waste. Examples of what you can throw in the residual waste container: cigarette butts, tobacco and snus candle stumps and shoes envelopes and post-it notes, toothbrush, ear buds, diapers and sanitary pads

Recycling stations

At recycling stations you can dispose of packaging and newspapers. These are found at many locations in the municipality. The recycling centre in Jönshyttan
At the recycling centre you can dispose of waste such as plastics, paper, garden waste, environmentally hazardous waste, metal, stone and ceramics, glass and much more. Our staff will be happy to help answer any questions and show you how to sort correctly.
A renovation is well underway. These improvements are being made to make the process easy for customers, to increase safety, and to create a better work environment for our employees. At you can find a sorting guide from DalaAvfall. Because it should be easy to do the right thing!
At recycling stations you can dispose of packaging and newspapers. These are found at many locations in the municipality.

Do you want to know more?

At you can  submit any questions you have on food waste
collection. If you have questions or concerns, you are also welcome
to contact our customer service via e-mail at or call 0225-55 000.

Come and see us!

We will attend various events in Säterbygden to talk about our work with waste issues. We will be presenting the new food
waste container and talking about waste sorting and the new subscription.
On the website you will find the locations and times for this.

On the next page there is a form for changing subscription.
You can choose between visiting or tearing out the form, folding it over, sealing it with some tape and sending it in.

Change of subscription for those living in detached houses and holiday homes

Make your choice using the e-service or by filling in and submitting the form that comes in your mailbox.
If you are happy with your current subscription, you do not need to do anything. The food waste container will be brought out to you.