You can have access to pre-school from when your child is one year old until the primary school starts. Pre-school is fun, safe and a rich learning experience. Here your child can develop consistently with his or her capabilities. In pre-school we work on language, the ability to count, movement and social skills. Play, music and creativity are the basis of our activity.

In Säter municipality there are pre-schools in central Säter, Gustaf’s and in Stora Skedvi, altogether ten pre-schools.

Pre-school is open 6.30–18 am, Monday to Friday.

In Säter municipality there are no independent pre-schools.

In order to have access to pre-school you must be working or studying. If you are looking for work, or are on parental leave with another sibling, the child has a right to pre-school for 15 hours per week.

In order to obtain a place in pre-school you must make an application, either in our e-service or by filling out a form. We would prefer that you make the application via our e-service.
Säter’s Municipality’s Pre-schools

Public pre-school

The public pre-school is not a special form of pre-school. The designation “public” bears on accessibility — all children have a right to pre-school starting with the fall term in the year in which they reach three years of age.

The public pre-school is cost-free. It provides 525 hours per years. Planning of the time is decided upon before each new school year. The child may go for 5 hours per day, Tuesday-Thursday, 9– 14 am.

Public pre-school is not offered within educational care (family day care).

Other educational activity, educational care

Educational care is offered in Gustaf’s and central Säter and is operated by municipally employed day care providers.

In central Säter two day care providers work together in the home of one of the day care providers. In Gustaf’s three day care providers work together, where the activity on certain days of the week is conducted in premises at Konvaljen’s pre-school.

What distinguishes educational care from pre-school?

The difference between educational care and pre-school is that pre-school is a school form and that pre-school is governed by its own teaching plan. For educational care, the Swedish National Agency for Education has issued general advice on how the activity is to be conducted. Another difference is that in pre-school it is required that there be a licensed pre-school teacher.