Secondary school

In Säter municipality there are no longer any national programs, but the municipality collaborates with neighbouring municipalities in order to give the pupils the opportunity to read the national programs they want. You will apply to the secondary school through elevantagningen vid Region Dalarna [pupil reception at Region Dalarna].Säter Municipality offers four of the five introductory programs, which are given at Dahlander Knowledge Centre at Ljustern’s Strand. These are:
  • Individual alternative (IMIND)
  • Language introduction (IMSPR)
  • Preparatory training (IMPRE)
  • Vocational introduction (IMYRK)

Secondary schooling in another municipality

Eleven municipalities in Dalarna collaborate so as to give you as a pupil the opportunity to read the program you want — regardless of where in the collaboration area it is offered. Through Gysam you will have access to the complete offering of national programs within the collaboration area.

You can also apply to a secondary school in another municipality, or to an independent secondary school. The right to financial support when you do not live at home can be affected, however, if the education you choose exists within the Gysam area.